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10 So close, yet still so stupid, that conservative blogging juggernaut responsible for unleashing that rabidly misogynistic Viking Beserker onto the unsuspecting lamestream media may have finally touched base with reality for a moment earlier today… only glance the ground and bounce back into it’s far out orbit once more. 

That glancing blow to the surface of the planet Earth came in the form of a post provocatively titled: The Racism Race from contributor Caleb Howe. Yes, I know, I don’t know who the fuck that is either, but judging by a quick glance at his Twitter and a very light read through of his posts at RedState, I can see why: he’s a pretty milk toasty character over there. It would appear as though he trades in the usual batshit reality-bating skullduggery that his team is so fond of, but with that special dose of hard-sci fi loving nerd that sometimes makes RedState posts somewhat palatable, despite the Vegemite flavored lies its content so often carries.

That being said, Mr. Howe has grabbed himself a pretty good thesis, floating the very real idea that the lazy act of labeling a person or organization as “racist” doesn’t really mean much but belittlement in the national discourse. The very word breeds thoughtless reactionary stuff from even the best and brightest organizations (see; Shirley Sherrod-gate), and the NAACP’s condemnation of “racist elements” in the Tea Party movement is a prime example of how such an accusation does little but ratchet up the tension in the great worthless stalemate that is our “great national conversation.”

But of course, reality proved to be a bit too much for Caleb to stomach. As he tugs away at the roots his thesis laid, he winds up losing the plot and falling into tired partisan practices that lazy pseudo-journalists like he (and folks like myself) seem so fond of.

After a lengthy exposition, he lays bare the meat of his critique and comes up with this:

Now, let us be clear, class warfare is also an ugly thing. But Sherrod wasn’t forced to step down from her position at the USDA because she spoke on helping poor people regardless of race. No, she was forced out because it was perceived that she was racist. Because she was being spun as being a racist.

When charges of racism are so casually set upon the world so routinely, this is what happens. Sherrod was arguably speaking out against racism, and yet was forced out of her job overnight by an administration with no moral courage, and was condemned by the NAACP, apparently absent even the barest investigation of the facts on their part. The same NAACP that casually slandered the entire Tea Party movement as racist.

This is where things start to fall apart. After acknowledging that Sherrod is being “spun” as a racist, he condemns the Obama administration, and the NAACP’s populist sentiment bating “racist” declaration… all while leaving out a direct critique of Matt Drudge’s bitch, Andy Breitbart, or his website, which not only broke the story, but jacked the volume to deafening levels to discredit the NAACP as “racist” by grasping at straws.

But of course, these fools are often thick as thieves, and not criticizing one of their own is no terribly wacky act; but then the wheels come off and we’re left with this ridiculousness:

Racism and race in general are big topics these last few weeks. The New Black Panther party wants to kill white babies, but you know, only in the right context. The reporting on that story has been abysmal. In fact, for the left the story isn’t voter intimidation, or DOJ corruption, or even, you know, baby murder. No, for them the story is that Fox News reported on the story, and must therefore be trying to exploit racial antagonism to hurt President Obama or something. Whatever. Glenn Beck!!

While I offer points for the attempt at sarcasm, it’s probably worth pointing out that the whole “New Black Panther” meme is as tiredly false and as guilty of transparent race baiting as the worst of ’em. Granted, this also isn’t surprising, given Erick Erickson’s insistence that that lunacy is actually a story.

I knew I couldn’t make it through a full post on conservative blog without finding some outrageous hypocrisy.