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I would go gay for Barney Frank

To the blubbering gastropods that make up the silent majority in flyover country, Nancy Pelosi may be the second coming of Satan in snazzy pant suits; but the vile bile relegated to her is nothing compared to the special circle of online comment hell withheld for Barney Frank.

That cantankerous teddy bear from the Socialist Republic of the American Nativity has proven over the course of his lengthy career to be one of the funniest and most politically honest of the major players on the Hill. His consistent willingness to say and do whatever the fuck he thinks is the right thing in the most blustery and outrageous ways may not make for great publicity, but man oh man does it make for great CSPAN.

Today on MSNBC the Barney Frank Straight Talk Express ran a truth train on… Barry Obama’s seemingly spineless posturing on the Bush Tax Cuts. Providing probably the most concise and persuasive argument for the right move for the country and for the party politics, Frank laid it out like Charlie Rangle at his beach villa:

I think [the Republican hard line stance on the Bush tax cuts] so undercuts their argument against unemployment compensation and their pretense that they care a lot about the deficit, they put deficit production behind helping wealthy people…

Well, it might not be the 11 dimension chess that Obama’s playing, but dammit it sounds like a great start to revising how we’re going to deal with the cackle of rads that just waltzed into the House…

(Story via The Hill)