This blog is, like so many others, a tired and angry bullhorn proclaiming other people’s news filtered through the core idea that the American Right is no longer worth communicating with. My blog may seem childish, maybe a little profane, and I could certainly be accused of over-simplifying some issues, but the fact of the matter remains that modern conservative demagogues, bloggers, politicians and low level pundits alike are guilty of the very same things, except I’m just another blogger with too much time on my hands, they play a game with higher stakes.

My point being that the fundamental ideology of this blog is that the “mainstream” right in this country have gone so far over the falls that they are no longer worth engaging in reasonable debate. This is why  I call them things like “turd flingers,” “dullards” and “puddin’ heads.”  I try not to call out anyone on grounds where they might have a point, and the fact that I’m belittling them indicates that I’m hearing what they’re saying on some level. But sometimes I might (in your mind) make a mistake, please don’t hesitate to let me know, that’s what comments are there for.

If you’ve got problems with some of the things I write here on any level, you can email me at, and I promise I will respond in a timely and (depending on my mood) marginally civilized manner.


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