Joe Lieberman is an asshole (episode 1)

This will surely not be the last installment of “Joe Lieberman is an asshole” series, so this is episode one. Sure there are plenty of prequels to this episode, like say sponsoring a piece of legislation authorizing force in Iraq, or being a prude, hating fun and being an incredible douche on the tee vee. But since this happened yesterday, this is episode one. For those of you too lazy to click on the link, Lieberman has told reporters that he’s “strongly considering” joining the inevitable Republican filibuster of the Health Care bill wandering around in the Senate Chamber right now.

Despite what those jokers over at Gawker (please read that, it’s incredible) might be telling you, the man is claiming that he doesn’t like the Public Option, and that’s why he’s doing this. Well of course he doesn’t like the Public Option… he’s an asshole! It’s almost like there’s some sort of “no assholes allowed” clause in this thing where people who are assholes aren’t allowed to like this thing. Granted, I have no idea how Keith Olbermann got into the thing, but its power accuracy is still uncanny.


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