Glenn Greenwald Dunks

Like Paul Krugman before him, Glenn Greenwald has jumped up, smashed the backboard and screamed “boomshakalakalaka!” over the corps of conservative complainers playing full court press. Sports analogies may not be my strong point, but making conservative critics look like fools is Greenwald’s, and boy does he deliver what should be considered the final word on the White House’s “War on FOX.”

Greenwald’s Salon piece came in response to Tucker Carlson (where did they dig him up from?), who had written a whiney, sniveling little article about the Liberal Media’s refusal to call out Obama on persecuting the idiots and the liars over at FOX News. Well, of course, the “Liberal” Media has come out and complained very loudly about the gross injustice of calling a spade a spade, and Greenwald has the links to prove it. Citing strong White House criticism liberal lions from CNN, The New York Times, MSNBC, The Baltimore Sun and NPR on the matter, Greenwald easily drowns out Carlson’s whine with pure fact.

But he’s not done there. Greenwald goes from there to cite worse and more legitimate muffling of the press corps under Bush,  suggesting that that administration engaged in illegal quashing of the press corps critical abilities.

All that hand-wringing rhetoric:  why?  Because the Obama administration threatened to criminally prosecute Fox?  Or because the adminstration surveilled its reporters’ telephone calls?  Or illegally obtained their telephone records?  Or shot missiles at hotels in which they were staying?  Or dropped bombs on their offices?  Or imprisoned them for years without charges?  Or barred Fox reporters from riding on administration planes?  Or conspired to “weed out” any critical voices from being heard on network and cable news programs?   No, those are all things that the Bush administration did to reporters (see the links) — all well above and beyond the numerous, constant rhetorical attacks from the Bush White House on media organizations they perceived to be hostile.  Where was Tucker Carlson when that was happening, or Ruth Marcus, or Anderson Cooper, or David Carr?

Blammo! The “Liberal” Media lie, exposed here for what it is. The Obama Administration has had the unfortunate gall to be open in their criticism of FOX News’ irresponsibility, they’ve been upfront about blacklisting them, and they’ve taken no legal action. There’s no Nixonian paranoia here, just a well founded understanding that FOX News is a tabloidy conservative mouthpiece incapable of honesty or righteous reporting. Here’s how he finished:

Numerous establishment journalists have strongly condemned the Obama White House for its criticisms of Fox — exactly the opposite of Carlson’s complaints. The discrepancy between that behavior and their conduct towards the Bush White House’s press attacks also demonstrates, as usual, that reality is the exact opposite of the Right’s incessant and petulant complaints about “The Liberal Media.”

Booyah, kids. Booyah.


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