rush limbaugh being denied the rams is a national embarassment

Full time drug addled blimp and occasional conservative commentator Rush Limbaugh has officially been denied his bid of the St. Louis Rams, not that he had much of a chance to begin with. It’s a shame that such a prominent media figure would gamble the prestige of his program on a trifle! Limbaugh’s critics have called the whole misguided venture a “boondoggle,” putting the ultra conservative fatty under the unflattering spotlight of mainstream media attention.

That was until now. A few brave boneheads in the conservative corner are rallying behind el Rushbo, bravely rectifying the mainstream media’s relentless assault on their righteous leader! Michelle Malkin has hinted at a possible NFL liberal bias, while Doug Powers is outraged that a league that has ungodly scum like Al Davis and, er, Fergie obtain partial ownership of teams. Doug Powers also helpfully reprints some of the Black Eyed Peas uber-controversial lyrical content (hint, they say “nigga” and talk about sex!!!) Meanwhile, over at the National Review Online, racial sensitivity super-genius Andy McCarthy likened Limbaugh the Martyr to Martin Luther King (I shit you not):

That’s how Rush treats people — in the Martin Luther King aspiration that the content of one’s character is what matters, not the color of one’s skin. Yet, in the media narrative, he’s somehow the one who’s got a race issue — and the guys who trade on race, live and breathe it 24/7, are held up as our public conscience. The Left calls this “progress.” I call it perversion.

As much as I love a good conservative hijacking of an historically liberal figure, this is unbelievable even by their own heinous knuckle-dragging nature. But that’s nothing compared to the screaming stupidity coming from PajamasMedia over the issue where they’re shocked, shocked to find out that Rush Limbaugh would attract controversy. PM kindly refers us to both Fergie and Michael Vick as a reminder of the painful double standard in the NFL. The only thing is, is that Vick spent a year in jail, served out his suspension and then was allowed back into the league after apologizing profusely to the press, and Fergie is, well, a pop-star, not an ideologue with a penchant for hate speech and incredibly hypocritical drug addictions (at least her past drug addictions are endearing in a recovering white trash kinda way). The brief post concludes with this stinker of a thinker:

Something to keep in mind regarding how much “controversy” Rush would bring to the NFL.

You can read this drivel, here. Look, trying to pretend that Rush Limbaugh just as or less controversial than Fergie, from America’s most M.O.R. hip hop outfit, or Michael Vick, the washed up wunderkind is silly, and the reason why the NFL isn’t opening its doors wide to el Rushbo is because that fat turd did this on ESPN:

So can these whiners give the whole liberal bias thing a rest and just call a lightning rod douchebag a lightning rod douchebag and realize that the NFL is a pro-sports organization and just doesn’t wanna deal with this shit.


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