Ross Douthat is an idiot (part II)

So I’m back after an extended Columbus Day break, and while I was gone, this came to my attention. You guys know me, and you know I love the Times, but to publish Ross Douthat’s blithering stupidity is ridiculous and shameful for such an important and righteous publication. Now Ross has published garbage in the past, and he’s been a target here before as well, but in the Sunday Times, he went too far!

In a snarky little peice, Mr, Douthat helpfully pointed out not only is Barack’s Nobel Prize bad for the country, but also that it’s most likely bad for him as a president as well. In the world that Ross occupies (and gets paid by the New York Times to muse about), Obama receiving the Nobel Peace Prize is the rough equivalent to invading a country for no reason, failing to do anything about the visible signs that the economy was about to collapse, letting the infrastructure of the nation fall apart, and illegally torturing people because it raises the stakes on the already “implosible expectations” that his presidency was burdened with.

Ross Douthat, you are sniveling puddin’ head of a nincompoop. This article has it all, the classic anti-European xenophobia:

Here was a chance to establish himself, definitively, as an American president — too self-confident to accept an unearned accolade, and too instinctively democratic to go along with European humbug.

He didn’t take it. Instead, he took the Nobel Peace Prize.

Big mistake.

Good work Ross, looking back at history, all great American presidents have defined themselves as definitely not European, which means they are de facto American. Not this latte sipping arugula eating Hawaiian bastard, though.

The article also bears the stamp of the classic conservative double standard called “American Exceptionalism.” Conservatives like Ross Douthat like to talk loudly about how America, the greatest, most righteous and powerful nation on the planet has the right to dick over the Third World, invade countries meaninglessly, and act unilaterally against reason because we’re freakin’ awesome. And then, when it’s convenient they love to tell you that America should aim low because they’re pragmatists and they know what’s up. For instance, America can’t have universal health care like every other industrialized nation on the planet because we, the richest, most powerful nation on earth can’t afford to cover all the Mexicans running across our border. This rears it’s stupid head repeatedly throughout Ross’ stupid article:

Here was an opportunity to cut himself free, in a stroke, from the baggage that’s weighed his presidency down — the implausible expectations, the utopian dreams, the messianic hoo-ha.

Here was a place to draw a clean line between himself and all the overzealous Obamaphiles, at home and abroad, who poured their post-Christian, post-Marxist yearnings into the vessel of his 2008 campaign.

Yes Ross, those over-zealous “Obamaphiles” who hoped that a charismatic black man with a background in social justice work and constitutional law might bring his intelligence and rhetorical gifts to the White House and have the US not look like an asshole country for a change, those pie in the sky post-Christian, post-Marxist hope that our country can do better. You got us, buddy.

I wonder if the ineptitude of the Federal Government’s response to Katrina would have been harder to take if Bush had set the level high during the first six or so years of his presidency? Maybe Reagan looked so good (through rose colored retrospectacles) because Jimmy Carter was such a load for his four preceding years? I wonder if it would have been more difficult to see horrible pictures released from Abu Ghraib if we didn’t already know Bush was a crook and an asshole after he needlessly invaded Iraq and had signed the P.A.T.R.I.O.T. Act into existence?

Ross Douthat, you’re an idiot.


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  1. October 19, 2009 at 1:23 am

    Starwolf eats Ross Douthat for lunch

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