the Politico staff wins a pulitzer

In a terrific leap of logic, Politico is reporting a definitive link between a celebrity child molester and Barack Obama via campaign contributions. As it turns out, Obama’s 2008 presidential campaign have been palling around with people who support a guy who “palled around” with a 13 year old girl thirty years ago. Yes, that’s right, Barack Obama is, in the eyes of a select few, is now connected with a child molester.

So kids, this is journalism. Brilliant.

All kidding aside, this is a travesty. Politico is a smarmy little website for wannabe wonks and Beltway outsiders to gawk at the childish machinations of our nations fetid capital. This is a website that has recently been busted for very literally running an Republican press release as an actual news story, and is a website that makes its living by tabloidizing American politics. Some call it grand political theater, others call it the dumbing down of important things so that even the half baked mental third-graders that read the site during non-election years will both be able to comprehend politics and still be interested after they do so.

You can read this heaping pile of dog shit, here.


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