Matt Drudge, internationally renowned peace advocate

The DrudgeReport is my favorite source for conservative madness, only because the website’s minimalist aesthetic and the original-content-limiting nature of news aggregation means that Matt Drudge gets the most crazy bang out of the fewest crazy bucks. the latest schizoid turn from the man: he’s crusading for peace in Afghanistan. For the past two days Drudge has run headlines with dire proclamations of doom an disaster in Afghanistan, the first day he showed images of soldier’s coffins being carried home, today he shows a lone soldier at sunset with “TROOP MORALE FALLING” scrawled beneath it.

Let me be the first liberal blogger to congratulate Matt Drudge on making a difference. I realize that he’s only doing this to throw turds at Barack Obama for the sake of throwing turds, but damnit, it’s not every day that you see right wing nut bag going out of his way to question a war, and it’s been a long time since we’ve seen a news outlet actually show images of soldiers coming home in boxes. Picture’s like this and accounts like the one’s Drudge is linking to give a human face to the suffering that comes from war, a suffering that is given much more emotional heft than obtuse talks of strategy, surges and faceless figures.

I guess what I’m saying is… good job… DrudgeReport?

Given the ephemeral nature of a Drudge headline (w/ pic), the screen-shots to cement this moment in history can be found after the jump:


Picture 1


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