Patrick Tuohey is a blithering nincompoop

Pat Tuohey is a writer over at BigGoverment, the latest online project from erstwhile Matt Drudge “bitch” Andrew Breitbart. Mr. Tuohey also thought he had a real scoop when he discovered that Medicare (that terrible government program) was the largest denier of health care reforms, and that the AMA had essentially endorsed it by giving the thumbs up to the public option. Well, I say good job Woodward, first rate journalism!

Being a top-notch investigative journalist, Pat’s got to be a smart guy, so he must understand that one of the very concisely laid out terms of Obama’s healthcare plan is that all medical insurers cannot deny coverage for people with preexisting conditions AND prevents insurance companies from dropping coverage (read: denying claims) when people need it most. Barry must be a pretty smart guy too because he put that handy-dandy fact in a FAQ page on “Obamacare,” maybe Patrick should read up on that, here.

That FAQ page (readily available to folks like Pat through a simple Google search) tells a decidedly different story than his hit piece on Medicare. The reality is that Pat has been doing the whole conservative ostrich thing and sticking his head in the sand instead of listening to the very clear cut, morally, monetarily and sensibly grounded plan that Obama has laid out before the squabbling pack of morons on the Hill. And, of course, Pat Touhey, being an ostrich with his head in the sand, still manages to be a useless windbag in spite of his hard headedness.

You can read the rest of this still born non-talking point, here.


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