much ado about nothing?

Two wars! Health care crisis! Global warming! Rabies outbreaks! Swine flu endemics! ETC!!!! ETC!!!!!! Today’s pressing issue; America is denied the Olympics! Sound the alarm Matty Drudge; now that health care may resolve itself, will the 2016 Olympics Obama’s Waterloo?

Shameful boobs all across the pundit-sphere are toasting to America’s failure to host our ninth Olympic games, and neglecting to really comment on Rio’s hosting the Olympics for the first time ever. Also never really mentioned is the fact that leaders from every other country making a bid were represented by their very own executive branches, you giant babies.

And yet, whiny, dishonest turds like Jules Crittanden, The Weekly Standard, Big Government (the blog, not the myth) and Ed Driscoll are gloating about “Obama’s loss.” Of course, conservatives all across the fifty states have been just glowing about how silly Barack decided to go to stupid Copenhagen (and for the record, Weekly Standard readers, that’s a real life city, not just a brand of dip), and lobby for America to host an UNPRECEDENTED ninth Olympic Games.

Here’s what universally regarded simpleton Rick Moran of (the always aptly titled) Pajama’s Media had this to say:

He placed the prestige of his presidency directly on the line and failed. That’s the bottom line. He gambled with the one thing no president should ever gamble with unless the stakes are much higher than his hometown getting the Olympic games.

You mouthbreather! Unbelievable that this Neanderthal is allowed to write in a semi-public forum. Where are his calls for Yukio Hatoyama’s political head, you unbelievable ignorant prick! How about this gastropod’s simpleton’s approach to historical precedent:

What stakes would have justified such a gamble? Jimmy Carter gambled that he could bring Anwar Sadat and Menachem Begin to Camp David and hash out a peace deal. The odds were against it. It was a huge gamble and Carter, to his credit, worked tirelessly, shuffling back and forth between the two antagonists’ cabins (they refused to meet in the same room), never letting up until he had a deal.

Yes, that would “justify” a one day trip in a four year presidency, but you know what, that was for some semblance of, uh, peace in the Middle East, whereas this is a bid for America’s ninth Olympic Games, an admittedly simple point of pride in the international community, you dullard. You see, this isn’t so much a gamble as it is part of the job that we, the nation, elected him to do. But Ricky wasn’t done yet, were you?

There were many observers who believed the president wouldn’t make the trip unless he had been given private assurances that his presence would put Chicago over the top.

This must be the same “secret message” that Brazilian President Luiz Inacio might have received, right? Because he was also in Copenhagen, maybe they gave it to his country because he has more charisma and pull on the international scene, but something tells me this is not the case. Something tells me this has more to do with his ability to appease both socialist Latin Americans and giant money hungry corporations and that Rio made the perfect candidate for an historic Olympiad. Regardless, Mr. Moran (who is highly skeptical of this Olympic Congress), speculated this:

With billions of dollars at stake, Chicago wouldn’t be the first city told one thing while the committee went off and did something else.

What?! Do you think that Tokyo, Madrid and Rio got the very same message? Or do you think that their heads of state showed up because, oh I don’t know, that’s their day job. Olympic Committees don’t grant nods to cities just to fool their national executives to ship over to an arbitrarily picked city, that’s something that only an asshole would do.

For the record, if you read Pajamas Media, you probably have sex with your cousins. But for the curious, you can read more, here.

More Olympic goodies after the jump:


Rachel Maddow was on Meet the Press this morning, and in a confrontation with Republican strategist Mike Murphy, the man embarrasses himself and the United States. Here’s a terrific example of American exceptionalism gone horribly wrong on this morning’s Meet the Press Roundtable:

MS. MADDOW:  Sure.  And tell a Spaniard that King Carlos is second, second rate.  I mean, at this point…

MR. MURPHY:  King Carlos knows deep down he’s second rate to the president of the United States.

Always relevant Mike Murphy manages to remind us all that mercantilism is still dead, the Hapsburgs don’t rule the world and that the Century of Gold was so 15th Century, all while putting down an American ally abroad. I’d love to hear how he feels about President Inacio or Prime Minister Hatoyama, I wonder if deep down inside they know they’re inferior to America’s president.


1 Response to “much ado about nothing?”

  1. 1 WWRTC
    October 5, 2009 at 1:21 pm

    Amazing how you devolve into censorship so soon into your rant about BO opposition.
    Liberal Facism is not just a book anymore it’s self evident in a lot of the discourse from the Leftside.

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