puddin’ head repubs hate Alan Grayson, an american hero

You know that a Democrat couldn’t show a little bit of spine without having the insane mouth breathers on the other side of the aisle throwing a very noisy nut-bag hissy fit. The Weekly Standard was thoroughly enlightened on the issue, turning up their noses at such preposterous pish posh as Grayson’s “outburst:”

The good news: after saying on the House floor that the GOP health-care plan is for Americans to “die quickly” if they get sick–and then doubling-down today, calling the current health-care system an ongoing “Holocaust“–Rep. Alan Grayson will almost certainly be thrown out of office in 2010.

Hmm, I wonder how many of your dunces wil be tossed from the floor for saying inflammitry half truths and lies on the floor? How’s Michelle Bachmann doing again?

Freakshow blogger Jules Crittanden had this to say about the issue:

CNN: GOP suspends plan to seek condemnation of Rep. Alan Grayson, D- Fla., for saying the GOP health plan is “die quickly.” Good move. Leave the apology-mongering and the low road to them. And give them enough rope.

Yes the “low road” that liberals in office and in the media have taken, not like that Republican “high road.” What a topsy turvy world we live in!

Of course, House Republicans screeched out a call for an apology, to which Rachel Maddow had this damning doozy to drop on them (3:16) in should bring you to the really juicy stuff, but it’s all pretty brillaint as per usual for Ms. Maddow.):

The best of all these ridiculous boobs has to be the aptly titled blog, Stop the ACLU, that had this to say about the whole ordeal:

In other words, if the Democrats want to play these games, so will the GOP. I hope. They were way to passive during the Bush years, rarely fighting back with more than a shot across the bow. It would be about high time to fight dirty, like the Democrats do. Politics is a dirty nasty game.

Bravo, brave conservative soldier! Conservatives need to get even dirtier! Next time Obama gives a speech on the House floor, Joe Wilson should run up and bite the man, or maybe Michelle Bachmann could start bringing her newborn baby sandwiches into the chamber instead of heading to her office for lunch, or better yet, maybe Karl Rove should just have people killed to advance the narrow, never refuted causes, of a select few, heinous conservatives. God! You people are animals!

Gentlemen, of course you realize, this means war! You can give to Grayson’s campaign, here.


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