Dems shouldn’t need a weatherman to know which way the wind blows

Oh heavens be praised, the do-nothing boobs that have been squabbling over the measure of moderation with which they will crush the pitiful Republican opposition on health care appear to have finally “nutted up” and decided to get this thing over the hill once and for all. And good God they’re doing it in style! I feel like like a dirty Chris Matthews impersonator saying something like “nut up,” but man am I feeling not shame for these guys for the first time.

Senate Majority Leader, and usual spineless cretin Harry Reid has reportedly claimed that there will absolutely be a public option in the final bill passed, you can read a little bit more on that stunning show of spine, here. Meanwhile, perhaps most promisingly, Obama hasn’t consulted with any of those nincompoops on the “far side” of the aisle since May, and Sen. Tom Harkin (D-IA) has promised that there’s “no room” for Republicans in the Senate debate on health care legislation. Oh, and Mr. Harkin also promised a public option in the final bill (which he says will be on the Prez’s desk by Christmas).

Now, I wonder if any of this has to do with the much ballyhooed NYT/CBS poll that found out that the vast majority of Americans support a public option? Or maybe they smelled the sweet smell of common sense and decency and decided that maybe they should stop being giant babies about passing meaningful but moderate health care reform and just do it. Okay, so fine, maybe they did need the weatherman to let them know which way the wind is blowing, but for these toothless gastropods, not bad.

NOW! That being said, there’s still the matter of a certain tapioca-brained Sen. Tom Carper (D-DE) who is planning on seducing the drunken right wing fringe with the idea of a public option run state by state, so that states with worthless governments like, say, Iowa or Mississippi or (jumping Jesus Christ) South Carolina would be shit out of luck. Tom Carper is, of course, a first class boob and (of course) a self declared “moderate”(read; turd muncher). Read more about why we should store this dinosaur’s political career in the same meat locker as Max Baucus here, here.


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