no i am not obsessed with Matt Drudge

Okay, so Matt Drudge’s cranky dissent into tabloidy obscurity has been a fascinating one. As his retro-styled conservative fan-page/news aggregater declines in readership and in influence, it’s become (like the American conservative cause) increasingly bizzare, louder and more obnoxious. The Drudge Report has gone from being a website that dictates the agenda of discussion in the mainstream media to being the newsmedia equivalent of a monkey flinging turds at his zoologically inclined captors. The only ones left listening to Drudge’s increasingly asinine “newsmaking” have been fringe wingnuts and dingbats like Rush Limbaugh and Michelle Malkin.

Take for instance the most recent headline on the site: OLYMPIC SPIRIT: VIDEO SHOWS BRUTAL GANG MURDER IN CHICAGO. The video in question is the terrible footage of a teenage Chicagoan being beaten to death by other teenagers, Gawker had an excellent write up on the moral implications of the video itself, here. The context in which it’s being used by Matt Drudge is ugly, racially charged, paranoid and exploitative.

The screaming headline banner comes less than 24 hours after Drudge “broke” a story about someone (maybe this Barack fella?) quashing stories that might cast the UNITED STATES’ effort to host the 2016 Olympics in the presidents hometown. The 2016 Olympics have become a strange source of conservative controversy as of late, which Salon had a nice write up on, here. Now this story is being manipulated to fit this new, and very strange, form of obstructionism from the right wing, with universal ass hat Matt Drudge leading the charge.

Before today, this kind of lunatic conspiracy theory was acceptable as one of those harmless self marginalizing tactics that the right so often pulls out when drowning in a sea of their own bullshit, but it seems that in the wake of a sixteen year old’s violent death (one caught on camera and paraded around news outlets and the Internet), that maybe using the blood of someone innocent for an obviously wrongheaded cause is beyond tasteless.

Maybe posting a blurry image of black kids charging savagely at a soon to be killed child (who is off camera) and framing it within your increasingly obvious racially charged paranoia and political ideology, just isn’t the best idea. I’d like to be the first to remind Mr. Drudge that he’s running dangerously close to his monthly quota on posting blurry photos of black kids beating someone up as his banner illustration.


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