indoctrinators: BUSTED!

sirenMatt Drudge has uncovered video evidence of our nations children being indoctrinated! Look at these, helpless, soon to be pinko kids as they praise their inglorious leader, Barack Obama:

Oh, devastating! This is surely the damning evidence that every half baked loon in this country needs to say, “enough is enough! I AM MOVING TO THE MOON!” This video, by the way, was posted as a “SHOCK VIDEO” link on The Drudge Report this morning. Thank goodness that someone like Matt Drudge is able to take a video like this and put it in its proper context for mass media consumption. If you watch this video and you get a queezy feeling in your stomach hearing children repeating our presidents name and lauding the racial accomplishment of his rise to the office, you, my friend, might be a “pinhead.”


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