these people are raving lunatics

Surprising no one, the loudest boobs in the world have turned their guns on the “individual mandate” part of Obama’s purposed health care reform, a measure which had been fully endorsed by Republican leadership, and a measure that makes sense and doesn’t cost our poor, impoverished government a dime. But, of course these lousy creeps are going to backtrack on this one, because its something that asks everyday Americans to actually sacrifice something for the greater good of the nation, and no body likes to sacrifice.

The Huffington Post has reported that six (count ’em, six) repugnant Republicans have endorsed an alternate piece of heath care legislation, including uber-liberal patsy (and renowned old lesbian look-a-like) South Carolina Senator Lindsey Graham. But of course they liked that provision at first, because it makes sense and it would guarantee some 47 million new customers to their pals in the insurance industry, but now that the health care reform apocalypse is upon us, these schizoid lunatics are suddenly opposed.

You can read more about this ridiculous about-face here and here.


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