WaPo gets it right!

For all the amoral pencil pushers who are still whining about this most recent push for a moderate modicum of health care reform: The Washington Post (the paper for every right wing Patrick Bateman aping Beltway geek who holds a college degree) managed to publish an article that handily bypasses the moral imperative of health care reform, and delves into the wonderful (and boring) world of numbers. The piece, aptly titled: “You Have No Idea What Health Costs: If You Did, You Might Just Want Reform” by Ezra Klein sets out to prove that if you’re still against this thing you’re both a heartless turd and a freakin’ dullard.

In painstakingly laid out and clear-headed language he deals blow after blow against these nincompoops. Here’s a little taste:

The favorite proposal of liberals is the public insurance option… this sort of plan could save the average American 20 to 30 percent on premiums… Of course, providers don’t much like the sound of that because they would see 20 to 30 percent less revenue. And insurers don’t much like the sound of that because they could not compete with that sort of buying power.

Oh, Ezra! You’re devastating! It’s amazing when you think that the right doesn’t even hide this kinda reasoning in public when discussing the public option.

But even better, Klein acknowledges, nay reveals the “wonky tweaks” that offer up the tastiest treats in health care reform delivering a rhetorical BLAMMO! to the backwater bastards that insist that the legislation is simply “too big” to read:

You don’t need many pages to explain a public plan, or set up a death panel (kidding!). Rather, the bulk of these bills amount to hundreds of small tweaks and fixes that make this corner of the health-care system a smidge more user-friendly, or that transaction a tad faster.

Booyah! There’s more:

For instance, despite all the fire over the co-op plan, it gets two pages in the Finance Committee’s bill. Pages 75 to 110 are all devoted to delivery system changes that are meant to make the system a bit more efficient but that no one has ever heard of. “Value-based purchasing” alone gets six pages in the bill. The “National Pilot Program on Payment Bundling” gets another five.

And when he shoots for the win:

Melinda Beeuwkes Buntin, a researcher at the Rand Corporation, and David Cutler, a health economist at Harvard, recently estimated the savings that could be attained by “modernizing” the system over the next 10 years. The changes they examined weren’t dramatic. Replacing paper records with computerized files, making it easier for people to comparison-shop across insurers, “bundling” payments for the treatment of a single illness rather than shelling out separately for each doctor visit — that sort of thing. Added up, they equaled a startling $2 trillion over 10 years. That’s a lot of money for policies that have received virtually no attention in the debate.

Boomshakalakalaka. Read the rest here.



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