Ross Douthat is an idiot

Ross Douthat, the conservative Times columnist and author of the oh-so-freakin’ timely (and tellingly titled) book, Grand New Party: How the Republicans Can Win the Working Class & Save the American Dream has joined the dwindling ranks of Bush apologists today, rhetorically soiling himself in America’s journal of record’s opinion page. Given how blatantly disastrous the last eight years have been for America at home and abroad, Douthat’s piece is cautiously optimistic about the possibility that maybe History will judge Bush for having messed up big time and then, somehow, rectifyed it all without anyone knowing it just in the nick of time.

For instance: Douthat pulls the classic conservative claim that “The Surge” was a total success and that Bush ought to be vindicated for the criminal invasion and occupation of Iraq because it turned the whole thing around! Well, regardless of the fact that Bush and his administration lied about the reasons for war, used the war to milk profits for their corporate friends fairly openly, and embarrassingly paraded around in the Emperor’s New Clothes (a flight suit, how 20th Century, Mr. Bush) declaring preemptive victory, the war is not over. We’re still “nation building,” Mr. Douthat, and the world’s still waiting for the new guy to pull us out of there.

Douthat pulled out another classic conservative dud later, lauding Bush’s work in Africa, specifically with AIDS. For those in know, Bush’s record on AIDS and on the democritization of Africa has always sided on the pro-Christian and anti-Islamist end of things, with his AIDS policies being atavistic and harmful (think “absitence only” for an AIDS ravaged continent… YIKES!) and his anti-Islamist game of favoritism echoed Cold War anti-Communist policy and showed a similar indifference to difficult and complex tribal and ethnic issues. CBS had a handy late Bush era Africa round-up that can (and should) be read here.

Beyond all of the wrong-headed stuff that’s in the article, it’s what’s not in the piece that makes it so offensive. While giving front-loaded nods to the damning Census Bureau reports on the well being of the nation at home during those two terms, the article fails to once mention Katrina, the bridge collapse in Minnesota, and the terrible legacy of war crimes and immorality, all of which show America scraping rock bottom at home and abroad. All three of those stains will forever be a black mark upon the most powerful nation on earth. And while we can blame the lazy, cheerleading media, and the lame duck Dems, and even the downright dumb population of the country (all of which Douthat does),  at the end of the era, the man (and his men) in the White House were the ones to carry it all out.

For shame, Mr. Douthat, you’re a real animal, you know that? Read the full piece here.


2 Responses to “Ross Douthat is an idiot”

  1. September 21, 2009 at 11:16 pm

    I think one of my favorite parts of this piece was when he called “stem cell research” “embryo-destroying research.” Um. What the fuck?! How very GWB of him! (see: “global climate change” rather than “global warming” and his “Healthy Forests” program which allowed logging in protected forests)

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