outside proof that these people are, indeed, animals

Given conservative wonks and hacks tendency to “pass the buck” onto America’s poorest, brownest parts of the population when it comes to… well everything wrong with this world, The Nation had this searing piece on the Right’s war on ACORN that’s worth a look-see:

“The GOP’s Blame-ACORN Game” by Peter Dreyer and John Atlas

This excellent piece on Salon.com shouts out a big, but ultimately lamenting, “boo yah!” to the swine that openly opposes new, and by all accounts necessary regulation on Wall Street:

“Wall Street Buys Washington” by Michael Winship

Okay, so I understand that John Edwards is just another puffed up pretty boy politician, and that his extra-marital affair was sordid and ugly on a personal level. BUT! He was also a one term senator who never ran as a family values candidate, unlike the scores of horny born agains on the other side of the isle. So, can we please drop this? (PS, I’ll give them an extra point to the always effete New York Times for the post-SAT vocab in the title!):

“John Edwards’ Drama Awaits Denouement” by Niel A. Lewis



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