ladies and gentlemen, the death of objective journalism!

This is a “holy moley” moment and a half. The news network best known for cheerleading the Gulf War via satellite and supplying Loud Dobbs’ annual salary of spray-on insta-tan cans (i.e., America’s true “fair and balanced” network!), had the balls to ask the question” “is [poorly] photoshopping America’s first black president’s head onto a “witch doctor” legitimate satire or racist tomfoolery?” You can read this dreck here.

The image in question is this one:

What, me racist?

What, me racist?

Now, I myself may not have a Doctorate in Racial Sensitivity, but holy wanger batman this is some racist shit! This ranks up there with this one:



And this, RNC endorsed doozy:

Regardless, I’m getting away from my central point here. CNN, thank you for reporting and letting us decide. After all we need all the reminders in the world that we’re not dealing with a bunch of ridiculous lunatics, too crusty and curmudgeonly to understand that the rest of the industrialized world sees them as obnoxious boobs with puckering butt-holes for mouths that scream fart slogans at rallies filled with similarly minded old white boobs,but actual rational human beings (satirists, even!)

Wake up CNN, these people are animals.



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