an open letter to Max Baucus

Dearest Max,
As a reasonable, and generally speaking good-natured and taxpaying American, let me be the one to tell you: what are you thinking trying to negotiate with these animals? It’s like Dick Cheney always says: America doesn’t negotiate with terrorists. Well how about we not negotiate with political stegosaurus, just as a rule, and start to, oh, I don’t know, listen to that nagging voice in the back of every reason loving human being’s head that says, these people are animals, ignore them and just do the right thing.

You know, Max, sometimes I read the newspaper and I see your red, leathery old face in a picture and I ask myself: is this guy an animal? I mean, Max, you have read the Times piece right (you do read, don’t you Max)? You must have understood somewhere in the two month negotiation period that you were dealing with a bunch of drooling dullards and toothless gastropods (like Land Before Time lookalike Mike Enzi) right?

Sen. Mike "Toothless Gastropod" Enzi (R-WY)

Sen. Mike "Toothless Gastropod" Enzi (R-WY), Sen. Finance Committe

Come on Max, do the right thing, grow some teeth and let the dogs on the other side of the isle eat the gristle off your plate… if they behave. Until then, I’ll be watching C-SPAN, looking out for your hidden tail.




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